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In 1941, Coach was founded as a small, family-run workshop in a Manhattan loft. Six artisans set out with a simple goal: to make beautiful, functional items in modern shapes and the finest leathers.
75 years later, Coach has transformed into a global brand with over 950 directly operated locations around the world. Our product offerings include bags, small leather goods, ready-to-wear, outerwear, shoes, fragrance, and accessories.
We represent a tradition of quality and leather craft and remain true to our heritage with a new vision of Modern Luxury.
Modern Luxury at Coach is about redefining luxury for the modern age, making it inviting, approachable, and liberating. It goes beyond names and logos to honor individuality and personal style. It looks confident and authentic.
Coach’s collections for men and women offer our customers a meaningful way to express their personal style. They reflect the spirit and eclecticism of New York—the city we’ve always called home.
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We’ve always been driven by a single, enduring idea. This is our Purpose—our reason for being—and now, more than ever, it reminds us why we exist.
“We exist to make luxury approachable for those who desire more than status.”
And we will never waver from our most strongly held beliefs. These values have given rise to our many great accomplishments, ensure that we perform at our best and will guide us into the future.

We pursue our passions with tenacity to innovate a new way forward. We challenge assumptions with optimism for what could be. We embrace our curiosity and welcome the unknown.
We stay true to who we are. We say what we do, do what we say and hold each other accountable, and build genuine, rewarding relationships—with customers, partners and each other.
We are high-performing individuals who work together for the greater good of Coach, Inc. We encourage personal initiative and invite a diversity of perspectives. We take responsibility for delivering excellence—as individuals and as a team.
We trust our emotions and imagination to propel us onward. We use judgment to connect instincts and logic. We learn from our experience.
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victor luis
Victor Luis was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Coach, Inc. in 2014. He also serves on Coach’s Board of Directors.
Victor joined Coach in 2006 and has held a number of key international management roles and led the company’s successful expansion strategy in Asia. In 2013 he took on the role of President and Chief Commercial Officer of Coach, Inc. with oversight for all of the company’s revenue-generating units, strategy and merchandising.
Before joining Coach, Victor was President and CEO for Baccarat, Inc., running the North American operation of the French luxury brand. Earlier in his career, he held marketing and sales positions within the Moët-Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group.
Victor holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from College of the Holy Cross and a Master of Arts degree from University College, Durham University, UK.
Personal Perspectives…
“I am passionate about Coach. And it’s my belief that the best way to truly understand what’s at the heart of Coach is to know the people who make it run: Our employees.
The Coach brand is driven by the power of our people; strong, talented and dedicated employees who share our vision, believe in our brand, strive for excellence, bring a sense of pride and ownership to their work, and embrace the qualities we value at Coach: Passion, tenacity, optimism, inquisitiveness, flexibility, collaboration, a focus on winning performance, and a belief in the boundless opportunities for Coach.
Our people—and our commitment to our shared values—are certainly the universal determining factors behind our global success.
I have always embraced the concept that we are more than a company. We are a strong community of individuals with a shared culture and shared goals for success. And it starts with our commitment to select and develop great individuals and teams in every market.”
-Victor Luis

stuart vevers
Born in England and trained in Europe, Executive Creative Director Stuart Vevers brought his extensive expertise in leather and a new design direction to Coach in 2013, leading all creative aspects of the Coach brand, including Women’s and Men’s product design, brand imagery, and store environments.
Vevers debuted Coach’s first ready-to-wear collection to critical acclaim during New York Fashion Week in early 2014. Inspired by a journey across America that began and ended in New York City, his Fall 2014 Collection captured the spirit of the new Coach Girl: effortless and authentic, with a lightness of spirit. Vevers’ full expression of the Coach Guy debuted in Fall 2015 with a complete collection of men’s ready-to-wear and an expanded range of bags and shoes.
Vevers’ lifestyle collections for women and men are effortless and personal, with a downtown attitude that modernizes the heritage of our brand. As Coach continues its global expansion with new stores in London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Sydney and Shanghai, Vevers is sharing his vision of modern New York style with the world.
Recognized as one of the world’s leading accessories designers, Stuart joined Coach from Loewe, where he held the role of Creative Director. Prior to Loewe, he was Creative Director of Mulberry from 2005 to 2008.
In 2017 Stuart won the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Accessory Designer of the Year award.. Stuart graduated from the University of Westminster in London, England.
Personal Perspectives…
“Coach at its core has a really different point of view, and I think that comes from starting in New York. It feels like a modern way of approaching luxury, and that was very appealing to me.
There’s something about New York style that’s just like the city itself. It’s bold and it’s spontaneous and it gives this feeling of energy and endless possibilities. But at the same time, the style is quite relaxed and understated; there’s a functionality in how things are.
It’s a spirit that I relate to, one that played an important role in my decision to join Coach. And I think that spirit speaks to the type of talent we look to attract and ultimately, the people who join us at Coach.
I think that the home of a brand ends up being so much a part of its soul. I wanted to rediscover Coach in a new way. I wanted something that was about authenticity.
Given that Coach has long been part of the landscape of American fashion in such a significant way, I listen, explore, research, think, but then I always have to go with my instinct. That’s really important for me: Knowing where we came from but then really using my instinct as a designer about what feels right for Coach today and for the future.”
–Stuart Vevers


The Coach Foundation brings Coach’s philanthropic initiatives to life. Launched in 2008, we have to date granted more than $40 million to charities supporting women’s health, education for children in under-served communities, public parks and cultural programs in New York City, and disaster relief around the world.
As a brand that has always designed for confident women, we feel strongly about investing in a new generation of girls. In our search to find a like-minded partner, we found the perfect match in Step Up.
Step Up is a nonprofit organization offering young women the support, confidence and connections to fulfill their potential. Over the next three years, we will donate $3 million to Step Up to help expand its programming in under-resourced urban communities.
coach branding
coach branding


As a leading global fashion house, it’s important that we remain true to our legacy in leather, while looking forward to the future with our vision of Modern Luxury.
Our Modern Luxury concept is in everything that we do, from the look and feel of our stores to the attitude in our bags, shoes, clothing and accessories.
But it’s also in the things that you don’t see: the way we bring our stores and products to life, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, our consciousness and our company culture. We’re proud of the care that we have put into all of our policies and practices and invite you to learn more.

Coach is proud to have achieved a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index’s (CEI) “Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality” for the third consecutive year. Coach is committed to equality for its employees and their spouses or partners.