Authorized Distributors, Stores, Official Retailers from Coach

Authorized Distributors

Who is authorized to sell Coach product?
Coach ONLY offers its merchandise for sale through the following methods of distribution: (1) Coach stores, (2) Coach outlet stores, (3) Coach catalogues, (4) authorized department stores and their websites, (5) authorized specialty stores and catalogues, (6) limited duty free locations, and (7) on the internet at

Coach DOES NOT offer its merchandise for sale through individuals, street vendors, unauthorized retail locations, at house parties, or any website other than For authorized distributors, see our online Store Locator.

In an effort to protect our valuable brand, and ultimately the consumer who is our loyal customer, Coach reserves the right to refuse the sale of Coach products to individuals engaging in reselling or transshipping activities.

Please use the Coach anti-counterfeiting hotline to report counterfeiters and unauthorized distributors of Coach merchandise at 1-800-396-1807.

Unfortunately, Coach cannot accept returns of counterfeit merchandise.