COACH®,Checkerboard Vest in Upcrafted Shearling,Checkerboard,Multi,Front View
COACH®,Checkerboard Vest in Upcrafted Shearling,Checkerboard,Multi,Back View
COACH®,Checkerboard Vest in Upcrafted Shearling,Checkerboard,Multi,Scale View

Checkerboard Vest In Upcrafted Shearling


This Product's Carbon and Waste Impact


kgs CO2e created.

We’ve worked with WSP to calculate the carbon footprint of each one of our products, with the goal of reducing our overall emissions.


gs waste diverted.

Uses materials that might otherwise have gone to landfill, helping us work towards a zero waste future.


% carbon reduction.

Uses materials that already exist, helping us to avoid the creation of virgin materials—which accounts for 38% of fashion’s emissions.

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