Dream Day 2024

The Coach Foundation partnered with Coachtopia for an afternoon of empowerment inspired by the next generation’s drive to create a more sustainable future, both within the fashion industry and beyond. Titled “Dreaming Tomorrow,” the day featured talks, workshops and moments of connection led by Gen Z activists, changemakers and creatives, all aimed at equipping students with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality. Check out exclusive Dream Day content, including the immersive “Blue Sky Talk” panel series, below.


Here’s how we support our mission.

We support young people from historically underrepresented and marginalized communities through grants, mentorship, product, and volunteer time.


Coach began with
a dream.

In the many years since, Coach has embodied the spirit of optimism and endless
possibilities of its founders by creating opportunities for underrepresented young
people to pursue their passions through the Coach Foundation


The courage to be my authentic self.

“The Coach Foundation has provided me with a safe space to voice my aspirations. The mentors at the Coach Foundation’s Dream It Real Program listen to my dreams and try to find resources to help me attain them. They make me feel so much more confident about my goals. I feel supported and motivated because of the Coach Foundation and I feel like I have the support and resources I need to achieve my dreams.”

-Coach Foundation Dream It Real Scholar