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Be a part of a new, circular way to Coach. Shop our pre-loved bags or trade yours in to be recycled or
reimagined—either way, you’re helping create a less wasteful way of doing things.

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Say hello to sustainable fashion.

Craving a new handbag? Let's make it a win for you and the planet. Enter Coach (Re)Loved—a new approach to circular fashion. Shop pre-loved, eco-friendly handbags, or trade in your own gently used bags with Coach (Re)Loved Exchange to be restored, upcrafted or reimagined into one-of-a-kind Coach pieces, and you'll get a credit in return. Inspired by our commitment to a better, more sustainable future, our Coach (Re)Loved system aims to ensure every Coach handbag ends up in the right hands (because ditching bags in landfills is so last century).

Sustainable purses for every occasion.

Need a new sustainable handbag? Do yourself (and the planet) a favor and shop recycled purses from Coach (Re)Loved. We've restored or reimagined some of our most beloved Coach silhouettes. Here, you'll find everything from upcrafted eco-friendly tote bags to reconditioned vintage leather clutches—and these distinctive pieces are truly unique. (Who says you can't teach an old bag new tricks?).

We believe in second chances, and refurbished handbags are no exception. Pre-owned and now (re)loved, our vintage bags and gently worn restored bags have each been expertly authenticated, cleaned and lovingly restored by our talented in-house craftspeople. A meticulous bag restoration process gives Coach bags a second life. Our upcrafted handbags have been cleaned, repaired and transformed with clever design details, from playful Coach embellishments to colorful bindings and repurposed charms. No two are exactly alike (because your recycled purse should be unique, just like you).

More eco-friendly fashion to love.

Reducing environmental impact doesn't mean sacrificing style. There's nothing more unique than a rare second-hand piece, and our approach to sustainable fashion makes recycled purses that much more stylish. Explore our remade bags to find unique, handcrafted Coach treasures made from deconstructed pre-owned bags (because some things are even better the second time around).

Prefer your sustainable fashion brand new? Explore a selection of Coach bags and accessories made with sustainable materials, from recycled cashmere to organic cotton and environmentally-responsible leather (because caring is cool). Every one of our sustainable handbags is crafted to last a lifetime—wear it, love it, then pass it on to the next Coachie (they'll adore it all over again). (Tip: try our product care to keep your leather looking beautiful for years to come.)

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