Recycled Coachtopia Bags

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COACH®,Coachtopia Loop Puffy Heart Bag,Black,Front View


COACH®,Coachtopia Loop Puffy Heart Bag,Olive Green,Front View

Reimagine waste this holiday.

COACH®,Coachtopia Loop Puffy Heart Bag,Twilight,Front View
COACH®,Coachtopia Loop Quilted Cloud Tote,Polyester,Mini,Twilight,Front View
COACH®,Coachtopia Loop Quilted Cloud Tote,Polyester,Mini,Deep Orange,Front View

Changing the shape of fashion.

A collaboration with designer Marissa Crider (aka Offbeat Sweet), these playful Coachtopia Loop bags are crafted in least 99.8% recycled PET plastic.



Recycled Coachtopia Bags

Introducing recycled Coachtopia purses and bags—crafted with Coachtopia Leather made with at least 50% recycled leather scraps.

We're all about making sustainable fashion accessible to everyone, so you can make a positive impact on the planet without sacrificing style. And that's why our Coachtopia purses, like all our products use recycled, repurposed or renewable materials, with the goal of having a lower carbon footprint than similar styles made by conventional methods. Join us on our mission to create more sustainable products, one Coachtopia bag at a time.

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