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COACH®,ROGUE BAG 25,Glovetan Leather,Medium,Silver/Pale Pistachio,Front View
$325 - $650$650(Up to 50%)
COACH®,ROGUE BAG 25 WITH TEA ROSE,Glovetanned Leather,Medium,Tea Rose,Silver/Dragonfruit,Front View
COACH®,ROGUE BAG 25 IN ALLIGATOR,Alligator,Medium,Pewter/Olive,Front View
COACH®,ROGUE BAG 25 IN TWEED,Glovetanned Leather,Medium,Silver/Neutral Multi,Front View
$375 $750(50%)
COACH®,ROGUE BAG 25 IN ALLIGATOR,Crocodile,Medium,Brass/Black,Front View
COACH®,ROGUE BAG 26,Brass/Chalk,Front View

Style? It’s in the bag.

When you think of a classic bag silhouette, the satchel often comes to mind. So, it should come as no surprise that it’s been one of our staple handbags since our beginnings in 1941 as America’s Original House of Leather. Easygoing but elegant—and available in a variety of sizes (from the small satchel to a bigger carryall)—it’s a bag crafted for every occasion.


If you’ve scrolled through our women's new arrival bags, you’ll see satchels everywhere—from styles in our classic Madison Collection to top handles, camera bags and yes, the iconic Rogue. We like to keep things exciting by playing with silhouettes, materials and hardware.  

Committed to craftsmanship for 80 years.

Our leather satchel bag is the perfect example of our dedication to master craftsmanship. Take our black satchel purse, for example. It’s shape is elegant and timeless (but surprisingly spacious), with a classic Coach turnlock closure, created by our first head designer, Bonnie Cashin (did you know that it was originally inspired by the toggles on her convertible car? Now you do.). If you want something you’ll love and wear forever, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course, to keep your leather looking great for a long, long time, you’ll have to take care of it. Product Care (including leather cleaner and moisturizer) is essential to keeping your bags healthy and happy. As we like to say: love your leather and it’ll love you forever.  

The perfect place for all of your essentials.

Designed to fit your everyday items with ease—whether it be a large wallets, iPhone, or notebook—the satchel bag makes carrying a lot look easy.  

Bonnie Cashin once said: “design has to be for living.” That’s the ethos we continue to practice when we create our bags—they’re designed for real life, not the runway. We have a feeling you’ll find your perfect fashion handbag here. (Just a hunch.)


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