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COACH®,JENNI SANDAL,Leather,Maple,Front View
COACH®,JESSICA SANDAL,Metallic Leather,Champagne,Front View
COACH®,JESSICA SANDAL,Leather,Black,Front View
COACH®,BRYNN SANDAL,Pale Pistachio,Front View
COACH®,BRYNN SANDAL,Straw,Natural,Front View
COACH®,PEYTON SANDAL,Leather,Neutral,Front View
$135 $225(40%)
COACH®,Strappy Sandal,Coachtopia Leather,Burnished Amber/Violet Multi,Front View
$115.50 - $165$165(Up to 30%)

Shop Trendy Women's Designer Sandals & Walk Your Life's Runway

Enjoy all-day comfort and practical style with women's sandals by Coach! Available in a range of colors and styles, sandals can enhance any outfit and are a great choice when having fun in the sun. Heeled sandals and leather wedges can take you to new heights, while sporty designer slides and flat sandals are a popular choice for women who would rather stay flat on the ground.

Whether you're spending the day by the shore or heading to the office, our designer sandals can take any casual outfit and give it an elegant edge. An easy choice when traveling and on the go, sandals are that warm-weather essential that can accentuate your personal taste and seamlessly blend into your adventurous lifestyle.

It's Always Sandal Season When Comfort Meets Chic

Looking for the ultimate footwear for comfort and style? Our laidback and sporty leather slides for women are contoured to your foot to offer relief from heels and are designed to alleviate the discomfort of spending all day on your feet. Ideal for long walks on the beach or after a night out in your favorite sky-high heels, women love the versatility and cozy fit of Coach's leather slides. 

Interested in more footwear options? Explore our collection of women's flats and loafers that make lounging around the house or running errands glamorously practical! Be sure to browse our sporty and trendy sneaker collection today. And if you're wondering if we've got you covered during those colder months, we sure do! Our designer leather boots can keep you warm and dry, while never compromising on your authentic style.

Coordinate your wardrobe from heart to toe with women's designer sandals by Coach.

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