Craftsperson apprenticeship program

The craftspeople in our Coach (Re)Loved and Repair Workshop are the living proof of our more than 80-year heritage in leather craft. In the past three years they have not only repaired countless products for our customers, but found a multitude of ingenious ways to give pre-loved and damaged products a second life.

We now offer a Craftsperson Apprenticeship Program that aims to preserve and pass on our leatherworking know-how and keep this special trade alive while doing better for the planet.

Meet our master craftspeople

The master craftspeople at our Coach workshops are masters in the art of Coach leathercraft—a set of skills and techniques unique to our house, honed over generations and in many cases, decades of training and experience.

From pattern-making to protoyping and construction—to repairing, reworking and remaking through Coach (Re)Loved—the passion and ingenuity of our master craftspeople is what makes our leathergoods special and enduring.

Watch the video to meet some of our master craftspeople.


Craftsperson apprenticeship program

This program provides an advanced specialist track offering rigorous craftsmanship training to selected store associates. To date, we’ve trained over 400 in-store craftspeople to provide on-site leather care and customization in our stores.

Meet our in-store craftspeople

Since 1941, we built our legacy on our expertise in leathercraft. Today, this tradition continues at the craftsmanship bars at our Coach stores.

Staffed by passionate craftspeople trained in the art of Coach leathercraft, our craftsmanship bars offer care and customization services that bring our legacy to life.


Circular Design Scholarship Program

This year, the Coach Foundation awarded 15 scholarships as part of a new CFDA x Coach Dream It Real Circular Design Scholarship. This scholarship is part of Coach’s commitment to help empower and equip the next generation with skills to craft a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

In addition to offering education, mentorship and support, Coach will bring this new class of designers into its circularity programs to further establish a collaborative community approach to designing with circularity in mind.