Coach leather care and repairs

When we say “crafted to last,” we mean it. We offer a range of repair services and complimentary lifetime leather care—unique to our brand—making sure our products can be enjoyed not just in the moment, but for generations. Our Coach (Re)Loved and Repair Workshop is a unique facility run by specialized craftspeople who know and love our bags as much as our customers do—in fact, many of our craftspeople have been with us for decades. Over the past three years, our leather craftspeople have repaired more than 260,000 bags globally for our customers, continuing to keep our more than 80-year heritage in leathercraft alive.

Coach Upcrafted

We love the way every Coach bag develops its own character as it is worn, loved and handed down. As part of our Coach (Re)Loved program, we celebrate this journey by inviting our design team and craftspeople to get creative with pre-loved items. Each Upcrafted bag is a labor of love, thoughtfully transformed through ingenious repairs, embellishments and interventions into a one-of-a-kind style with its own unique personality. It’s a considered and bespoke process, completed entirely by hand, resulting in new, never-to-be-repeated styles ready to be treasured anew

Coach Remade

Sadly, sometimes a bag is too damaged to be repaired. But that doesn’t mean its life is over. With Coach Remade, our craftspeople deconstruct and creatively use the materials from pre-owned, unrepairable bags to create other beautiful things, such as our Rexy dinosaur puzzles and small leathergoods like pouches.