Coach (Re)Loved

Introducing a new, circular way to Coach inspired by our commitment to a better-made future. Trade in your bag through Coach (Re)Loved Exchange to be recycled or reimagined or shop our collection of pre-loved bags here. Either way, you’re helping create a less wasteful way of doing things. Wear it, love it, pass it on.

How do I exchange my Coach bag?

We get it. Sometimes you and your Coach bag need to part ways. But, did you know that more than 85 percent of unwanted clothes and bags end up in landfills*? We’re working to change that, and we couldn’t do it without you.

Done with your Coach? Trade it, don’t toss it with Coach (Re)Loved Exchange, and we’ll reimagine or recycle it in exchange for a credit. You’re helping us keep bags out of landfills and to reduce our impact on the environment.

*Based on research conducted by our partners at Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Futures.

How It Works

  1. Bring your bag to one of 15 pilot stores (find one here).
  2. Our team will evaluate your bag to determine if it is eligible for trade-in.
  3. You’ll receive a credit based on the condition and original value of your bag, from $10 up to $140.
  4. Your bag will be thoughtfully refurbished, reimagined or recycled by our craftspeople. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re so glad you asked!

What bags are eligible for trade-in?

We’re currently accepting 100 percent leather bags (Coach Retail only) in very good or gently worn leather condition, with minimal scratches and wrinkles. We accept bags requiring up to two repairs within our standard repair guidelines. Please also include your bag’s detachable strap, if it came with one.

If you would like to know whether your bag is eligible for trade-in before coming into the store, schedule a Zoom or FaceTime with one of our store associates and they’ll take a look. Contact one of our 15 participating pilot stores here.

What credit can I receive? How do I use it?

Credits range from $10 to $140. You’ll receive a voucher, valid for one year, to use in-store. Please note: only one voucher may be used per purchase and may not be combined with other offers.

What happens if my bag is not eligible for trade-in?

Items not eligible for trade-in may still be eligible for repairs, leather care, and customization to give new life to your product. Our store associates can walk you through your options!